He could hear the electricity in the air. Something was up. There was a buzz of excitement. When you are blind, you pick up on those sounds from far away.

Jesus was approaching.

He had heard the stories, so he cried out in desperation, “Jesus, have mercy on me.”

“Shhh!” the crowd ordered. “Don’t bother him.”

But there are times when you only have one shot…  this opportunity comes once in a lifetime and he wasn’t going to miss it. Luke 18:39 says, “But he shouted all the more.”

Maybe he’d be ignored. Maybe he would be shoved down. Maybe he would be cursed. Or maybe God would stop in his tracks and heal his eyes, his social curse, his life.

God did.

There are times to listen to others.

But there are times that others may try to quiet your cries to Jesus. Ignore them. Keep pleading.

There are times when the potential for the miraculous outweighs any possible reason to be silent.

For Blackbox, we may hear that the trafficking problems are too big, the systems too corrupt, the risks too great, and the work too overwhelming. But we have committed to crying at the top of our lungs, “God, have mercy on these boys!”

Thank you for praying and partnering with us.

Brian Jennings
Trustee, Blackbox International