Can you imagine the horror of a young boy being traded for a pair of sandals? What if his physical, emotional and spiritual health were traded away for scraps? For enough money to buy 1 meal or some shoes?

God describes the wicked in Amos 2 as people who “Sell the needy for a pair of sandals, trample on the heads of the poor, and deny justice to the oppressed…where father and son use the same girl.”

It’s grotesque. But it will happen all over the world today.

Yesterday, I spoke about Blackbox International with a group of pharmacy students, thanks to the invite of my friend, Nancy. We spoke about the trafficking perpetrators for a while. We are thankful for people who are seeking to bring them to justice. And we are relieved that, ultimately, this is a job that God will finish.

In the meantime, it’s every Christian’s responsiblity to do all that we can to reflect the things of God to our planet – things like truth, justice, compassion, hope, love and peace. And as we do, we will see healing for the oppressed, hope for the downtrodden, and joy renewed.

How can you be part of God’s work on this planet today? Don’t miss His plans for you today.

Brian Jennings
Trustee, Blackbox International

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