The aroma of coffee lured me into a large cafe that also served as an exhibit area. I had just arrived for Day 1 of the Story Conference in Chicago, and I had some time to look around. One exhibitor immediately caught my attention. They had turned a large refrigerator box into a display. I moved closer to get a better look.

I soon discovered that, instead of spending thousands of dollars on a fancy display, they committed to giving away a $10,000 branding package. Anyone could tell their own organization’s story to them, and they would prayerfully consider which compelling story would win their services.


I told them the story of Blackbox, and how we believe the story must change for these boys. They asked engaging questions, I did my best to answer, and after ten minutes, I dropped my card in the box, and then found the coffee.

For the next two days, there seemed to always be a new person at their booth, sharing their story.

Four days later, I was back in Tulsa, OK. It was a rare day, in that I did not turn my cell phone on until after lunch. When I did, I saw that it had been blowing up. I had multiple missed calls, text messages, and direct tweets. There was good news. Blackbox was chosen.

ResonateOrDie is the voice of The Resonate Group®, Inc., a full service strategic and creative studio that helps ministries shape their vision and mission into meaningful and innovative brands that resonate. We have found them to be kind, genuinely concerned about justice issues, and very capable of helping us be more effective.

Initially, they have been helping us think about our organizational clarity (or focus). This sounds easy, but is actually quite grueling. It’s also very healthy. An organization that is laser-focused is able to think, act, and communicate clearly, which allows them to both grow, and be sustainable. Obviously, this is crucial to us.

Blackbox is very grateful to Kerry, and the crew from Resonate. Thank you all for helping us change the story for these boys. We are glad that their story resonated with you.

The story of trafficked boys has resonated with you (who are reading this) too. We are encouraged. God is moving. People are listening. Many are giving to help us launch our first home. And soon, very soon, the story will change!

Brian Jennings, Trustee

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