The story keeps being repeated, but the horrific shock hasn’t worn off:

Local authorities, teamed with a loving pastor, storm the gates of hell (in this case, a brothel). As they usually do, they find trafficked children. The darkness of the night pales in comparison to the darkness in these children’s eyes.

The authorities are permitted to rescue children, as long as they have a place to take them… so they must leave the boys. There are no places to take them. They have to walk away.

Globally, there is “no room at the inn” for boys. In fact, there is no inn.

These boys all have a story. Their story is one of despair, abuse and helplessness. Their story must change. Blackbox is deeply committed to seeing the next chapters of their stories be filled with healing, restoration and hope, and that can happen through Jesus. He knows of their suffering, and he offers real hope.

We have reason to be optimistic: Work is being done daily. their People are becoming aware. Warriors are on their knees. Churches are partnering. God is on the move.

Please be praying for Blackbox as we produce a duplicable model of care for trafficked boys, and as we call attention to this injustice. Pray for the boys. And pray that our needs are met, so that within a matter of months, the stories will truly begin to change.

Thank you, and have a merry Christmas.

Brian Jennings, Trustee