Lots has been happening since we completed the 50/50 Campaign. God has been good, and there are plenty of things to keep lifting up to him, as we prepare to open our first home for trafficked boys in the Dominican Republic.

Blackbox has hired two counselors. This is a huge step. They will soon be trained in the therapy curriculum that has been specifically developed for trafficked boys. These counselors will be investing enormous amounts of time with the boys. They are Dominican, professional, strong believers, and very trusted. Please thank God for them, and pray that he would work in them to bring about great healing in the boys.

We are currently interviewing house parents, and we hope to complete this process very soon. We have some great and Godly candidates. Please pray for our future House Parents. Their task will be great, but our God is up for it!

We have a team actively searching for a rental property/home. This has taken a little longer than expected, but we need to find just the right place. Please pray about this.

We are very thankful that our DR Team is leading well. We’ve been very blessed. Continue to lift them up, as they are very busy right now.

Lastly, pray for Blackbox as an organization. We keep hearing of the need for this ministry in many places. Ask for God’s guidance to be made clear, as we look to the future. Pray for regular givers to join the team. And pray for the boys who need the healing that will be found through Christ and his church.

Thank you for partnering with us. We love you much.