My wife and I recently decided to give all of the royalties from my previous book, Crazy Love, to the Isaiah 58 Fund. All of the money goes to the needy in the world- the starving, sick, impoverished, and to those in the sex-slave trade. We reasoned that if we kept all this money we would end up spending it on things we didn’t need. We knew that in the long run (eighty years from now), there would be no regrets. But if we bought things that wouldn’t last beyond our time on earth, we would end up disappointed and regretful. I was a bit shocked and discouraged by some of the responses we received.

People told us that we were being foolish and irresponsible with the gifts God gave us. They said we should have at least put some away in case of an emergency. My response back was, “Is it not an emergency that children in Cambodia and Thailand and even the United States are being raped every single day of their lives? Why is it that not an emergency?” Is an emergency only an emergency if it affects me and my immediate family?

(Francis Chan, Forgotten God)

Thank you for seeing the world as we do, and thank you for partnering with us. Blackbox International is committed to not only helping trafficked boys, but also making their plight known. It is an emergency.

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