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“In justice ministry,” said Blackbox Director of Prayer Shane Wood, “you must be broken. But the brokenness cannot debilitate.”

We hear stories of the sex trafficking industry–stories of truckers in India picking up children on the side of the highway, abusing them, and leaving them along the road again…stories of young boys so impoverished that they offer their bodies as a means to make money–and our hearts break. Our stomachs churn. We weep, and we pray with John, “Come, Lord Jesus.”

Broken hearts are necessary, and ministry must come from brokenness. But our brokenness cannot debilitate.

“Eventually,” Wood continued, “we have to do something.”

And what will we do? What will we do for the children God loves? We’ll pray. We’ll give. We’ll help men to stop looking at porn, because pornography turns the wheels of the sex trafficking industry.

We will, as World Vision founder Bob Pierce wrote years ago, let our hearts be broken with the things that break the heart of God. But our brokenness will not debilitate. It will motivate. We will do something¬†about the stories we’ve heard…because the story must change.