iStock_000006325128SmallMy husband and I are residence directors at Ozark Christian College, which means our family lives in an apartment attached to a boys’ dorm. My nearly-100 sons keep me busy spraying Febreze (it’s a boys’ dorm, after all) and baking cookies (they ate nine dozen just last week).

It’s a pleasure to be “mom” to each of them.

But only one boy calls me mom for real. Only Nathan is my true son–my firstborn!–the one God chose to make me a mother in the first place. I love all of my dorm sons, but they each have their own mamas who think the world of them. Only Nathan delights my mother-son heart.

When I hear of the sex trafficking atrocities endured by nearly half-a-million boys worldwide, my heart breaks, and my mind goes first to Nathan. He’s my boy! My smart, funny, handsome boy with his whole life ahead of him. There are 400,000 other moms, though, whose sons are victimized by the sex trafficking industry. Moms who don’t know where their boys will sleep tonight. Moms whose hearts ache for the smart, funny, handsome boys they will never see again.

400,000, and each is someone’s boy. Enough! The story must change. Lord, move Your people to stop the atrocities. Let us save Your sons! And let the hearts of mothers delight once more.

-Amy Storms