lgp_10_Dominican-RepublicPalm trees, beaches, and the warm waters of the Atlantic drive a booming tourist business in this area of the Caribbean. The nations of Haiti and the Dominican Republic are home to both extreme poverty and scenic, luxurious beaches. On the Dominican Republic side of the island, all-inclusive resorts dotting the coast are full of tourists mainly from Europe. There is much to draw people to this place. The picture is postcard perfect!


Except, warm sands and free flowing drinks are not the only reasons people vacation here. The grim reality is, a portion of the vacationers also come to engage in prostitution. For some, snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, and then raping men and women, boys and girls, are all just a list of activities to enjoy while relaxing, getting away from it all, and taking a vacation.


It is shocking that people “enjoy” themselves for a time of “holiday,” and then leave behind emotional and physical carnage that devastates the victim. The sad reality is that it happens more often than we want to admit.


We have to do something. Beyond the shock is the truth that trafficking children for sex tourism happens, even to boys. Beyond the shock, we have to create awareness of the problem and propose solutions. Your donations help make it possible to provide a safe home for boys that have been rescued out of this form of slavery.

Another boy just entered the home this week! Next week, a third will be brought in as well. Slowly, something is being done. Thank you! There is always more to the story.




Because the story must change.

Wade Landers
Executive Director

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