Flag-map_of_the_Dominican_RepublicThe call comes in to the national office in the Dominican Republic, and the country director slumps down in his chair. These calls are the epitome of the word “bittersweet.” On one hand, there is a boy who has been freed from the abuse of the sex-tourism industry. He has the opportunity to find healing and hope for a future.

But on the other hand, this boy has a story, and it’s one that no one wants to hear. At age 8 or 9, a parent walked out, leaving the other parent trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty. There are mouths to be fed, shoes to be bought and school fees to be paid, and the lone parent feels trapped. Helpless, even. Desperate.

“There’s money to be made from the tourist,” a neighbor whispers.

It’s unthinkable.

But a few weeks later, the boy is sent to the beaches. He knows what he has to do. And a new vicious cycle begins—this one worse than the poverty.

Blackbox exists to provide hope to both sides of the story. The motivating passion behind our work is to see the trafficking of boys for sex stopped, and for those who have already been victimized to find hope.

Thank you for your gifts and prayerful support. You are a part of this story…

…and the story must change.

Wade Landers
Executive Director