10001482_634656543248623_1227742519_nArt therapy is a key component of the Blackbox counseling curriculum, because it lets the boys express their feelings and tell their stories in a safe, productive way. On a recent trip to the Dominican Republic, the Blackbox team trained the counselors in art therapy and brought art supplies for the boys. The boys’ faces lit up as they unpacked paints, markers, sketchpads and more.

“Gracias,” one boy said shyly at Field Director Roger Twitchell’s nudging. He hid a grin and sat down with his new supplies. And then, as the whole Blackbox team watched, he started to paint.

It was a powerful moment: a blank slate, a new picture, a masterpiece in process by the Artist Himself.

“I couldn’t help but think of the painting God wants to create in his life,” Executive Director Wade Landers said. Only the Lord knows all He has in store–His purposes and plans for the boy’s future. We pray he’ll be a confident, whole man who loves the Lord. We pray that God will bring about his healing and lasting freedom.

A blank slate. A fresh start. What will it be? Who will he become? And won’t you join with us in painting a new picture?