canstockphoto5462810Get out of town at night, away from the city lights, and look up at the sky. It comes alive with brilliance and beauty. When we see stars, we see God’s orchestration and we marvel at His creation.

And yet, what does God see?

“Some nights, I look up at the stars, and I think how beautiful they are,” Blackbox field director Roger Twitchell remarked. “But then I think, ‘Lord, when You look down, You don’t just see all the beauty in the world. You also see all the bad.'”

Roger continued, “When God looks on us, He sees the evil. He sees the sex trafficking in the Dominican Republic and India. He sees all the yuck…but He’s holding back heaven to make it stop. Maybe…maybe…He’s waiting for the church to rise up and make it stop.”

Maybe He’s waiting for the church. Maybe the God who created the stars is waiting for His followers to, as the apostle Paul wrote, “shine among them like stars in the sky as you hold firmly to the word of life” (Philippians 2:15-16).

And so, Christ-followers, let us get out of town at night, away from the city lights, not just to worship the Lord for making the stars. Let’s run to the darkness to be stars ourselves.