Seated_BoyHis group was there┬áto construct a church building for the people of that country. By day, he mixed concrete and labored long hours in the hot Central American sun. But in the evenings, Jeremey’s group taxied into the city, hoping to see the culture of the land they’d visited.

Each time the taxi approached a certain intersection near a poor neighborhood, Jeremey noticed several boys on the street corner. They were hard to miss, because as the car drew near, the young boys called out in their own language, and lifted up their shirts.

Thinking it was just a prank in that culture, Jeremey finally asked their guide what the boys were doing. The answer turned his stomach and broke his heart.

“They need money,” came the reply, “so they’re propositioning you.”

There are some realities that simply shouldn’t be. Young boys offering themselves to tourists is one of them. Jeremey didn’t know how to respond, or what to do with what he now knew to be true–until he talked with Wade Landers, executive director of Blackbox International. Wade asked Jeremey to come on board with Blackbox–then in its beginning phases–and work until there is no such thing as boys on street corners, propositioning men.

Today, Jeremey Wolfe serves as Blackbox International’s Director of Counseling Services. He helped develop the counseling curriculum used in the Blackbox home, and he oversees the international counseling staff. Jeremey’s heart still breaks for the boys on the streets–for the boys living a reality that simply shouldn’t be.

But the God “who gives life to the dead and calls things that are not as though they were” is in the business of changing reality (Romans 4:17). He rights the wrongs. He brings beauty from ashes.

Some realities simply shouldn’t be, so God rewrites the story.

Because the story must change.