When I hear the numbers, I get overwhelmed in a hurry.

400,000 boys are victims of sex trafficking.

60% of tourism to Costa Rica is connected to the sex industry.

15,000 boys are being trafficked in the Dominican Republic.

Some numbers come from the State Department and others come from boots on the ground. But they overwhelm me all the same. And the danger is that overwhelmed leads to statements like, “What difference could I make anyway?”

We must rise above the defeatist attitude and do what we can, even if it feels small. God’s in the business of making small things seem quite huge. Do you remember those two little fish that he got a hold of? They fed five thousand.

As a member of Blackbox International’s board of trustees, I’ve been so greatly encouraged to see the example of young people who have chosen not to stand on the sidelines. They are doing what they can. And it’s changing our world.

Feeling overwhelmed? Watch this!

by Brian Jennings