iStock_000009619165SmallGod had interrupted him before.

In 2009 when Brian Jennings and his wife adopted a daughter from Ethiopia–a sister to their two young sons–God interrupted their tidy, set ways with bigger dreams and deeper love than they’d ever known.

So a year later, when Brian’s spirit again felt an unsettled “tug” to something overseas, he didn’t know what to expect. He only knew that God was interrupting.

Was he supposed to go on the mission field? Adopt again? Brian wasn’t sure.

“I don’t know what You want me to do,” he prayed, “but I know it’s something outside America.”

Brian’s restlessness continued until finally, in June 2010, Wade Landers called.

“I want to talk to you about a really big thing we’re doing that I want you to be a part of,” Wade teased, “but I’m about to leave the country for a while, so I can’t tell you about it for three more weeks.”

Brian had no choice but to wait. Three weeks later, Wade and Brian met for coffee. Wade shared the beginnings of the Blackbox story–the dream of a home where sexually trafficked boys could be restored in the name of Jesus. He asked Brian to join the new organization’s leadership.

Brian’s heart resonated with everything Wade said. He knew this was from God, but wanted to pray about the decision first. That night, Brian went on a prayer walk to ask the Lord.

“I tried to ask God, ‘Do You want me to do this?’, but God wouldn’t even let me get the question out. I’d say, ‘Do You…” and He’d cut me off with, ‘Yes. Yes! Of course.’ This ministry is so obviously His heart that I didn’t even have to ask permission.”

Finally, after a few more attempts at verbalizing the question, Brian laughed. “I imagined myself saying, ‘Sorry, Wade. I tried to ask God if I could, but He kept interrupting.'”

Brian’s yes that June night eventually led to an overseas survey trip in January 2011 and to his placement on the Blackbox board of trustees. To date, seven boys are finding hope and healing in the Dominican Republic home, and Blackbox is prayerfully considering next steps in other countries as well.

When God interrupts, He breaks pretty molds and plans. He interrupts to prompt His people to action–to call us to a “ministry that is so obviously His heart.” And like a raindrop on a pond makes ripples from shore to shore, when God interrupts…He changes the world.

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