jarsclayThe wedding was great! Everyone celebrated. Everything was fine until someone went to get more wine.

“There isn’t any more,” the message came back. “It’s all gone.”

“It can’t be! Surely there’s some in the cellar. Did you check there?”

“Yep. None. That’s all we have.”

Mary made a classic mom-ism: the implied command. She looked at her son–the Son–and said simply, “They have no more wine.”

In other words, Jesus, do something.

“It’s not time yet,” He replied. A mild objection, which Mary ignored and instead told the servants, “Do whatever He tells you.”

She knew Jesus would help.

And He did.

He always does.

“I have no more _________,” we say. No more money, no more peace, no more joy. We think of the thousands of boys caught in sex trafficking around the world and we say on their behalf, “Lord! They have no more family! No more childhood. No more direction. No more hope.”

In other words, Jesus, do something.

And He helps. He always does–and not just with a watered down substitute, either. “You have saved the best till now,” the servants told Jesus in John 2, because He always responds with better, superior, richer, more. He sets the lonely in families. He meets every need according to His glorious riches–and often through His people. He gives more love, more fulfillment, more healing and more life. He changes the story. He makes the story more.

“I know you’re all out,” He says, “but I am enough. ‘Let the one who is thirsty come,’ because I have saved the best till now.”

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