Not stopped praying

“Since the day we heard about you,” the apostle Paul wrote to the Christians in Colossae, “we have not stopped praying for you.”

Do we pray like that? When we hear someone’s story—their struggles or needs or even their successes—do we immediately and unceasingly pray? What a difference our continual prayers could make! What changes we could see…if we determined to not stop praying.

At a recent board meeting, our trustees determined to not stop praying for the ministry of Blackbox International. Each board member chose one day of the week to set aside for prayer. Several will fast on their day, too, and devote a few minutes a week to lift up the boys we serve.

What if we joined them? What if we, too, chose a day of the week to pray? Maybe we could pray with our kids every Sunday night as we tuck them into bed. We could set an alarm for noon each Tuesday, and pray for Blackbox as we eat.

“It’s your day!” we could put in our calendars. Your day to pray for the ministry of Blackbox International. It’s that simple—and profound. Here are a few specific ways to remember Blackbox each week:

  1. Pray for the boys—for those who are in our home now, and for those who need to be. We can’t show you their faces or tell you their names, but the Lord knows. Pray for their wholeness and healing.
  2. Pray for the team—for the leadership here in the States, and for our “troops on the ground” overseas. Pray for wisdom, discernment, encouragement, perseverance and grace.
  3. Pray for the future—for what the Lord has up His sleeves for Blackbox International. Pray for the boys who will come, the countries we’ll enter, the partnerships we’ll build and the homes we’ll establish. Pray that God will lead and provide every step of the way.

It’s your day to pray continually, because the story must change. “Since the day we heard about you,” we’ll say to the boys of Blackbox International, “we have not stopped praying for you.”