Hearts softened

Every parent knows: kids love to share their successes.

“Daddy, watch me run fast!”

“Do you like my new shoes?”

“Look at the picture I drew!”

Children are like sponges, soaking up every ounce of affirmation and praise we can offer. That’s a good thing—a God-given need—and our words of encouragement build confidence and speak powerfully into their lives.

When boys first entered the Blackbox home, they had no such confidence—no esteem for themselves. Over time, though, little by little, they grew.. On a recent visit to the home, we were blown away at their progress.

“Tio, look what I did!” one boy exclaimed, showing off a good grade he’d made in school.

“Do you like my picture?” said another.

And best of all, “Watch me box!” grinned a boy, as he shadowboxed hooks and jabs.

Over the course of our visit, every single boy in the home came to us to share some sort of success. Each one of them has gained the confidence and trust to approach us for praise.

“Look what I did!” To most parents, it’s a common enough request. But to the Blackbox team, it’s a sign of health—an outward statement of inner growth.

And to you, our partners in ministry…look what you did! Your prayers and support make it possible for boys to move from shame to confidence and from hurt to health. We’re so grateful for your help in offering hope and change.

Because the story must change.

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