Open eyesLast spring, Wade Landers and Chris DeWelt traveled with Blackbox to India. They visited a ministry there, in an area of Calcutta that’s home to one of the largest brothels in the world and has over 15,000 prostitutes.

As Wade and Chris talked with the ministry leader, the familiar question arose:

“Does this really happen to boys, too?”

Wade and Chris explained: Yes, sadly, it does. In fact, hundreds of thousands of boys are trafficked for sexual exploitation each year. On learning this, the minister was surprised and saddened. Later, though, he told Wade and Chris that their conversation had opened his eyes.

“I see it now! Now, nearly everywhere I go, I see boys tucked in different places. You’ve opened my eyes, so I have to ask myself, ‘What do I do about it?’”

At Blackbox International, sometimes we simply serve as eye openers. We make people aware of the realities around them, because, after all…when God’s people see, they act.

God, open our eyes. Give us eyes to see, that we might have mouths to speak and hands to act. When we see, we act. And when we act in Your Name…the story will change.