We long for the dayDear Partners,

It happens in movie theaters, at ballgames, and even in churches. It can happen atthe DMV or on the first day of class. Whatever the circumstance, someone saved your place and when you arrived. There was space for you—a spot with your name on it.

Since the first home opened in the Dominican Republic, we knew that eventually the tenth boy would walk through the door. There has always been this space—this spot that was being held for the right time, and, I’m convinced, for just the right boy.

When word came that he had arrived, my first thought was, “We’ve been waiting for you!”

He doesn’t really know what the home holds for him: safety, love, acceptance, help. His whole world has changed, and he has no clue. All he knows is that there was a place for him!

Thank you for giving. Your gift creates a place for grace to come rushing in to meet boys when they come to take their place with the others.

The Story MUST change,

Wade Landers

Executive Director


P.S. Would you pray for the opening of the second home to provide space for 12 more boys at Blackbox? The work is hard, but it’s ALWAYS worth it!