The Story Must Change

Established in 2010, Blackbox International is a faith-based, Christ-centered, not-for-profit organization that exists to holistically rehabilitate sex-trafficked boys age 16 and under. Blackbox provides the critical aftercare component for boys rescued from sex trafficking in order to help them find healing from their past, joy in the present, and purpose for their future. We believe they will be restored from the hurt and confusion that has been inflicted upon them and one day become men who will change the world. Behind every box that covers a face is a story and the Story Must Change.

Strategic Approach

Holistic Aftercare

Blackbox seeks to bring healing to boys rescued out of sex trafficking through holistic aftercare. We began this critical work in the Dominican Republic and continue to provide care for boys in our safe-home. We are learning from this first initiative and developing a model community that can be reproduced globally.


Counseling is key when it comes to helping boys rescued from sex trafficking. A team of professionals designed the first therapeutic curriculum for trafficked boys. They chose Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT). This therapy reduces the negative physical, mental and emotional consequences of the trauma and allows a person to move forward. For our boys, this helps their trauma become a part of their history, not the defining event in their lives.

Therapy Modules

Art - Music - Work - Play

Blackbox Counselors also use art therapy directives-artistic activities with a theraputic purpose-because art therapy offers a comfortable, expressive medium for addressing trauma. Art reduces anxiety and allows boys to share feelings and memories in a less threatening way than just talking about them.

Musical instruments also play a vital role in helping teach the perseverance needed to master a task while producing a beautiful outcome. Vocational or work therapy is another opportunity for a boy to master a skill and build confidence. All boys want to have fun and the play module allows for boys to learn how to work together, let go and enjoy being a boy.