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Blackbox Leadership | Staff

Blackbox International provides holistic aftercare with the following team. A dedicated Board of Trustees, US-based staff and volunteers fulfill operational, awareness and partnership building roles. 

The most important people, a team of Dominican National Staff, lead the implementation of our holistic aftercare model in the home.

  • Wade Landers

    President | Founder

  • Roger Twitchell

    Vice President | Field Operations

  • Ben Hedger

    Vice President | USA Operations

  • Morgan Brouk

    Field Services Coordinator | Haiti

  • Sara Hill

    Director | Donor Relations

    Youth Ministry Relations Assistant

    Ozark Christian College

  • Tommy Nobis

    Director | Finances

    Purchasing Manager

    Schuber Mitchell Homes

  • Dr. Chris DeWelt

    Board of Trustees | Chairman

    Director of Intercultural Studies

    Ozark Christian College

  • Pat Fancher

    Board of Trustees

    Director of Prevention

    Rapha House

  • Troy Gariss

    Board of Trustees

    Tax Director

    PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

  • Sergio Rizo

    Board of Trustees

    Vice President of Development

    Ozark Christian College

  • Brian Jennings

    Board of Trustees

    Preaching | Leadership

    Highland Park Christian Church - Tulsa

  • Rick Howerton

    Board of Trustees

    Associate Minister

    Phillipsburg Christian Church

  • Peter Buckland

    Board of Trustees

    Senior Director | Personnel & Strategies

    Christ's Church of Oronogo