The Church

We have found the local church to be key in the spiritual health and growth of the boys we serve. People who follow Jesus work in the aftercare home to mentor, educate and counsel each boy through the trauma they have experienced. The local church welcomes the boys into the youth group and service opportunities. In all of this, the boys observe healthy relationships and learn how to interact with their peers.

The church from afar can partner with this critical work through prayer. Prayers sustain the staff through the difficult daily work and guide the boys through their extreme trauma. Ultimately, praying for this work brings change in the lives of boys, awareness to the issue and clarity to your role.

"What if every church in America had a ministry to stand against modern slavery?"

- Dillon Burroughs


As Blackbox provides healing from the past, joy in the present and purpose for the future, individuals, churches and businesses have partnered through specific projects. One individual visited the home and provided training in art-therapy to aid in the trauma-based narrative curriculum.  

A mother and her sons gathered Legos and other building blocks as a gift for the boys. A church in California joined with Blackbox to provide a drum set so a boy could continue learning and growing in his skill and desire to find a purpose.

A business partnered with Blackbox to provide resources in a new classroom. Basic supplies, desks and computers help aid the teacher in the learning environment. The new computers allow the boys to access weekly tutoring for English and Math.

"Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone." - Andy Stanley


Blackbox is at the front edge of providing holistic aftercare for boys rescued from sex-trafficking. One important piece of aftercare is working through the trauma created. A trauma-based narrative curriculum was created for Blackbox to use specifically with boys. This resource is something we have been able to share with other like-minded organizations in their efforts to provide healing, joy and purpose. We have also benefited from organizations as they have shared similar resources and best practices for working with women and girls who have been victimized through human trafficking.