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Blackbox International is establishing an aftercare center in a second country. We started research in Haiti to find a national staff, local church partner and a location for the center. All of these pieces are very important to a healthy start in providing holistic aftercare for boys rescued from sex trafficking. 

50/50 Campaign

Blackbox is launching a fundraising campaign on Tuesday, Nov 27 to raise $50,000 in 50 days. A successful campaign will allow us to implement and begin our aftercare model in Haiti in 2019. Be part of this new work, give now to to change the story of trauma and shame to one of healing and purpose.

Our Aftercare, Second Country

We are committed to implementing our aftercare model in a second country. The story of more than 400,000 boys commercially, sexually exploited each year is on-going and it must change. Blackbox has been part of creating change in the lives of boys in the Dominican Republic for six years. That experience, and knowledge that more boys need opportunity for healing and restoration move us to our second county, Haiti. The story must change!