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Our Strategic Approach

Blackbox seeks to bring healing to boys and young men that have survived sex trafficking through holistic aftercare. We began this critical work in the Dominican Republic where we continue to provide care for boys in our safe home. We are expanding our work to Haiti, where we will soon operate another aftercare facility for boys. We continue to learn from our first initiative as we develop a model community that we hope can be reproduced globally.

holistic aftercare

We take a holistic approach to the care that our boys receive in our homes. Aftercare is about more than just a safe place to sleep, which is why we work to train our staff in Christ-centered, evidence-based therapies through a family-based approach that offers holistic care to meet all of their needs. Read about the specific ways we approach each element of aftercare below.

This is key when it comes to helping boys and young men who have survived sex trafficking. Counseling helps their trauma become a part of their history, not the defining event in their lives. Our staff goes through intensive trauma-informed training and each home employees a counselor on the staff. The team is also guided by a Child Protection Policy.
Basic Necessities
We are prepared to provide a place for them to have their basic needs met through nutritious meals, new clothing and a bed to rest in. Our team welcomes them to a Christ-centered home that will help them move from trauma to healing.
Role Models
We work to find role models for our boys who not only have behavior that we want them to emulate, but who first and foremost model Christ in their words and their actions. These role models take the form of youth leaders, abuelas, cooks, counselors, trainers and coaches.
Family-Based Approach
Although the boys are away from their biological families while in our care, we provide opportunities for them to receive extended care through our family model, as well as opportunities for visitation with extended family when possible. Regardless of their previous or current family situation, we work to provide the boys a family atmosphere full of love and care.
Spiritual Guidance
Our team members each have a growing relationship with Jesus, allowing them to give spiritual guidance to the boys through daily rhythms. Without the Gospel of Jesus, guidance is just good advice. But with the Gospel, our boys receive the Truth that has the power to transform every part of their lives, leading them to healing and hope.
Sports and Hobbies
Just as sports, recreation, and hobbies are important for your children, they are important for the boys in our home too. They are great ways to learn team work, to strengthen their physical bodies, to burn healthy energy and to be part of something they enjoy.
It is vital that we provide secure surroundings for the boys in our care. They each have their own personal space and bed. There are security cameras as well as multiple staff and a guard on duty 24 hours a day, working to create an environment where our boys can feel safe. 
We work to ensure our boys receive the proper education they deserve, whether that is through an individual plan utilizing our in-house school teacher or the local school system. We also utilize tutors to assist the boys and young men in areas that need to grow in competency.
Vocational Training
We want the boys in our home to have the skills they need to become contributing individuals in their community. We want them to be able to provide for themselves and possibly a family one day. We work with individuals in the church and in the community who give the boys age appropriate training in things like car repair and woodworking.
Medical Care
The trauma our boys have experienced compromises their physical and emotional health which can diminish their sense of competence and value. We provide proper medical, dental, and vision treatment for their bodies. It is also vital that we also properly educate them on how to appropriately care for their bodies, hearts, and minds.
Legal Representation
Some of the circumstances in our boys’ lives require legal counsel. We work on their behalf with any on-going court cases and to obtain birth certificates and similar legal documents. This will help them move forward in their current and future education, and as they begin to look for employment.
The boys in our home need to know they are loved, by those who directly care for them, and by their heavenly Father. The staff in our home spend time with them, get to know them, edify them, discipline them, laugh and cry with them. Pastors and church members join the staff in teaching the boys about their inherent value and worth.

AFtercare Explained

Learn more about our trauma-focused therapies, individual development plans, and the goals and visions for the boys’ futures.

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