The other day someone asked me why Blackbox chose to begin our work in the Dominican Republic. It’s a great question. After a year of specifically researching and praying about this decision, we chose the DR for several reasons:

  1. The latest, official reports indicated that there are 10,000 trafficked boys in the DR. But since the time of that report, there are now 1,000,000 more tourists coming there every year. A major cruise line also just purchased lots of land to build resorts there too. All of this adds up to an environment where more trafficking will take place.
  2. A large number of Haitian boys are being victimized there. They are easy targets, as they try to escape the poverty of their ravaged country. They leave a horrible situation, cross the border with the promise of hope, and enter into a hellish situation that is worse than from where they came. They certainly seem to be “The least of these,” in that they are vulnerable, unspoken for, and trampled upon.
  3. A number of churches on the island are aware of the issue, and Christians there desire to help. Some are already doing what they can. The strong churches will also provide us with a pool of people from which to consider for future hiring.
  4. Working with the governmental systems is possible.
  5. It’s cost effective. It is inexpensive for Blackbox personnel to fly there, and it is inexpensive to operate the type of ministry that we have in mind (in light of all that we’ll be able to do).
  6. Every Board member and key volunteer was in agreement with this decision. God led us to the same place.

Thank you for praying for Blackbox. Let’s pray that we see many stories change for trafficked boys in 2013.

Brian Jennings, Trustee

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