story_changingEveryone likes a good story. We’re drawn to stories of adventure, suspense and love. Good stories warm our hearts and inspire us to action.

Everyone has a story. From the suburban soccer mom at Starbucks to the Middle Eastern man kneeling in prayer several times a day, each of the 7 billion people on the planet has a unique set of experiences, personality makeups, hurts, hopes and dreams. Their stories are being written by the Author Himself.

But there are some stories we don’t tell. Some secrets are too shameful, we think, to discuss too openly. These are the hurtful stories of abuse.

Our boys know this. They don’t want to talk about the atrocities they’ve experienced, but ironically, the more they tell their stories, the more healing they experience. At Blackbox, counselors listen to the stories–no matter how painful–to help the boys find restoration and to give back the stories that have been taken from them. God ordained the boys’ lives from the beginning, just like He knit together the soccer mom and the Middle Eastern man. God has a plan–a good story with blessings and a hope and a future. He aches when He sees how Satan has twisted His story for the child He loves so dearly.

And so, we join the Author in His efforts to rewrite the story. We work to tell a story of redemption. We work until there is no such thing as sex trafficking in tourism. We work because we want God’s story to be theirs.

We work because the story must change.