Ever known a 12-year-old boy? How would you describe him? Most are a roller coaster of hormones–an awkward blend of childish meets adult, insecure meets confident, little meets big.

12-year-old boys are funny and smart and ornery. They’re smelly, but they still don’t shower. They’re tender, but they haven’t learned how to handle the love in their hearts.

They are boys becoming men, created in the image of God.

Currently, five boys live in our first home in the Dominican Republic. Their average age: 12 years old.

Unfortunately, our boys have experienced more pain in their 12 short years than most of us will encounter in a lifetime. The atrocities visited upon them are unimaginable. They’ve been forced to live a different story than anyone ever should.

And so, we work on their behalf. We partner together and pray and raise money and hold 5K races. We travel to the Dominican Republic to train counselors and encourage house parents.

We do these things because of Jesus. “Let the children come to Me,” He said–even the funny, ornery, smelly ones.

Ever known a 12-year-old boy? So has Jesus, and He loves every last one.