family on beachIt’s bound to happen. We read the numbers: 400,000 boys worldwide and 10,000 boys in the Dominican Republic. The news ticker tells about another ring that is busted. We hear of another city where sex trafficking is on the rise. After awhile though, we are not shocked. We aren’t horrified. We are no longer moved to do something about it. It’s not personal, because we don’t see the faces or hear the stories behind the headlines.

I have never met one of the boys in Blackbox International’s care. I’ve never even seen the face of one of the boys in the Dominican Republic. But for me, it’s personal.

It’s personal because I go home and look at the faces of my kids. All three have similar but unique stories. Their stories begin like this: defenseless, hopeless, alone. The next part goes like this: adoption, hopeful, family.

My kids are part of the reason I volunteer for Blackbox International. When I look into their eyes and think about the boys who have no one to stand up for them, it becomes personal again. I’m shocked again. Horrified again. And I’m determined to do whatever I can so that the story can change for one more.

Bryan King
Blackbox International Trustee