blackbox-logo clear copyBetween my wife and me, we have 28 nephews and nieces. Yep, 28! Some are now grown and married, and some are just turning three…but I am used to the name “uncle.” I like the title. It clearly indicates that there is a relationship between the two of us—one of affection and closeness. I think about my own uncles and can’t help but chuckle as I recall several humorous stories. The dominant thought that comes to mind is laughter. I have good memories, because I have good uncles.

When I walk in the door of our home in the Dominican Republic, the word “tio” (uncle) rings out. I love the sound of it. I never told the boys what to call me.—They just assigned the title themselves. There is a growing relationship with the boys, and the title implies closeness, family even. I am one of several uncles the boys have—a few Americans, but mostly Dominicans. They need good uncles—godly men who point them toward God. For these boys, the damage done to them by (usually) older men is partially undone by their encounters with healthy men who show them what it really means to be a man.

When you give to Blackbox International, you are a part of the story, and on behalf of the boys who receive the blessing from your giving, thank you.

The story must change.

Wade Landers
Executive Director