“Our secrets,” counselors often say, “make us sick.”

It’s true. Anything harbored and hidden can lead to poor emotional or spiritual health. From ignoring a conflict in marriage, to hiding emotional wounds in childhood, denying a pain doesn’t make it go away. It only makes it go deeper.

Our boys have many secrets—unspeakable atrocities committed against them. Before Blackbox, they hid and denied and buried their shame. But in our home, with the help of counselors, house parents and the Lord himself, the boys can find help and hope and healing.

At Blackbox, our boys learn the importance of discussing what they’ve been through. They use art therapy to help explain the traumas and express their feelings. They learn healthy ways to break their silence, because now they know…our secrets make us sick.

Christ came for the sick, and He wants to make our boys healthy and whole. Only He can heal their hearts and overcome their hurts. Only He can change their story.

And the story must change.